Holster Review: HSP/G-code Incog


This holster is a product from a joint project between Haley Strategic Partners and G-Code Holsters. Its an all kydex holster wrapped in a “tactical fuzz” that is supposed to increase comfort and help keep the holster from moving around in your waistband. I’ve been using it pretty much everyday for over a month now and finally feel like I’m ready to review it. Here’s my take on this popular new holster.

My intial thoughts when I first saw the Incog were, 1.)  I’ve got to try this thing. 2.) What in the hell is that fuzz? and 3.) Do those clips really work? Well, I’ll get to all that in a bit. First I just have to say, this thing is definitely the easiest holster I’ve ever used. Its no fuss, it clips on and off very easy. This definitely has to do with the clips and the fact that it doesn’t use soft loops but it also has to do with having the mag caddy attached. Its extremely convenient. I don’t have to worry about sliding my mag carrier on or snapping a mag carrier on, just two clips over my belt and voila, I got my gun and a spare mag and I’m ready to roll. Thats what make me love this kick ass product. Yes its comfortable and yes its concealable, but at the core its the convenience that keeps me using this every day over any other holster I own.

Note: Keep in mind when I talk about my experience with this holster, I exclusively carry it in the appendix position with the mag caddy attached.

The Construction of this holster is top-notch and in line with what most of us have come to expect from a quality kydex holster but with a few differences. I did notice pretty quickly that G-Code doesn’t seem to buff and polish their edges like Raven Concealment does but that really doesn’t matter or hinder this holster in any way, it’s just something I noticed cosmetically. They do a great job of softening any edges around the holster so there aren’t any sharp edges to poke you no matter what position you carry this thing. The holster is also constructed with a fuzz that G-Code says is bonded to the kydex itself. I’m not sure what process they use to bond it, whether it’s glued or what, but I will say they do a damn good job. It perfectly covers the entire outside of the kydex without any bubbles and doesn’t appear that it will lift or rip in any way. Definitely a solid and well-built product.

Concealability is pretty damn good. I wouldn’t say its anything above and beyond the current popular kydex holsters we’ve been seeing lately, but I can easily conceal my glock 19 and a spare mag in a t-shirt, so that should count for something. I find I don’t have to “dress around the gun” with this holster, I can pretty much just throw on a t-shirt and go without a problem. Thats important to me because I don’t want to have to worry about picking out the right shirt or anything like that. I just wanna throw on my clothes, clip on my gun (and spare mag) and go. I believe the Raven Concealment Vanguard 2 to be the pinnacle of concealability, and while the Incog isn’t quite that minimal, what it lacks in concealability versus the vanguard 2, it more than makes up for in convenience and ease of use. Also, being able to reholster is another huge benefit, for me. So overall I’d say this thing is right at the perfect level of concealability without sacrificing convenience, comfort, or reholstering. It did take a little adjusting on the spare mag but I eventually got it to sit where I want it. I moved the spare mag down a notch which makes it sit lower and conceal a little more. Like I’ve said before, how well a holster can conceal can be very subjective, so let the pictures below speak for themselves.

The comfort of this holster is definitely in part due to the addition of the fuzz. I initially thought the fuzz would be a gimmick and not really make a difference, but as soon as I clipped this thing on I immediately noticed how much better it felt against the skin. It’s not quite leather soft, but it’s a nice happy medium between leather and just plain kydex rubbing against your skin. Definitely an improvement over plain kydex. As far as comfort goes, this thing is an appendix carriers dream. I haven’t carried without the mag caddy and I really see no point in doing so. Usually I find carrying a spare mag to be a bit of a pain in terms of finding the right spot, but this just fits perfectly into place. The attachment point of the mag caddy also has a bit of flex that greatly increases comfort. It flexes on its own during movement which makes it almost feel like it’s not attached to the gun’s holster, even though it is. When you bend over or sit down it will flex a bit to comfortably slide along your stomach without jabbing you. Also as I mentioned above, the lack of any sharp edges around the holster make it very comfortable whether your standing, sitting, or bending over. Overall, this is definitely one comfy carry rig, regardless of whether you run the mag caddy or not.


The Clips are a new type of clip that I don’t believe has been done before. Yes we have seen over the belt type clips a million times before, but these injection molded clips have an outward cant that is designed to slightly push the holster back toward your body to help aid in concealment. I personally haven’t noticed much of a difference. A lot of other people have said that they did notice a difference in concealability with these clips, I personally haven’t, but that is just my experience. My love for these clips really just boil down to the convenience. They easily clip onto the belt without much effort, great flexibility while being quit sturdy actually. The HSP dragonfly logo is a nice touch as well.


Retention on this holster is adjustable, which is great because then you can fine tune it to what you like. Everyone has a different preference when it comes to retention so adjustability is a nice added benefit. I don’t like mine super tight, so I tend to prefer it a bit looser, but nothing crazy. Retention is easily adjusted by a phillips head screw on the back of the holster just underneath the trigger guard, above clip mounting screws.  The mag caddy also has adjustable retention, so you are able to fine tune to your preference for that as well. The mag caddy’s retention is adjusted on he front of the mag caddy just off to the side. Both are very easy to adjust and fine tune. The difference between the retention on the Incog and a traditional kydex holster is because of the way this is designed it won’t have that same “pop” that most kydex holsters have. It has a quiet audible click and you can feel it snap in place, but because it presses around the trigger guard versus just a straight up mold of the trigger guard, it isn’t quite the same. This is by no means a negative, just a difference. If I was being honest, I’d say I would prefer the Incog design over the traditional.

The mag caddy is great. I love it and it is pretty much what sold me on this holster. Yes it does increase the cost by $42, from $69.95 to $112, but to be able to comfortable carry and easily conceal a gun and a spare mag that just effortlessly clips on is worth that cost, in my opinion. It is a great design and properly constructed. I’m glad I opted for the mag caddy and I wouldn’t ever use it without it. If you already like your mag carrier or don’t carry a spare mag, then it’s probably not a huge deal, but if you are looking for a great appendix holster and want to carry a spare mag, the mag caddy is a great choice.

JDP_7950 (1)

To sum it up, I love this holster. It conceals great, its comfortable, its a genius design, its properly constructed, and as I’ve said before, it is extremely convenient. My experience with the Incog has been nothing but stellar and I would suggest this holster a hundred times over again for anyone who is in the market for a great kydex holster. So yes, it is definitely a buy.

2 thoughts on “Holster Review: HSP/G-code Incog

  1. I absolutely agree. Finding a holster that is both comfortable and concealable for a female can be nothing short of impossible. With a little adjustment of the clips it is by far the most concealable and comfortable holster I own. The tactical fuzz, which I too thought was BS at first, is phenomenal. I have 200 dollar leather holsters that don’t keep the waist band of my jeans in place between the clips and holster like the fuzz does. I don’t use the mag caddy but as for the holster….. Ladies… you will NOT be disappointed!

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